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Oh No! Not Big Bird!

Help save Big Bird!

Mitt Romney has gone too far. It was a mistake to attack Big Bird. The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a tiny, but culturally significant part of the nation’s budget. Contrast that to the untold trillions we throw away in the Middle East building fortified zones from which our young men and women venture out only to be bombed to smithereens.

Sesame Street would rather not be in this predicament. It’s not as if the nonpartisan, nonprofit wants to be in the middle of a political firestorm: It clearly is uncomfortable in that role. Even Republicans have children, after a fashion, and those children are likely to find themselves identifying with the characters who dwell in Sesame Street. By so doing, they will not necessarily volunteer to serve on Obamacare Death Panels or join the Socialist Workers’ Party, They may even grow up to be distressingly normal, unlike their parents.

There are certainly a few hundred things I would think to cut before attacking tiny PBS, whose 15% contribution from the Federal Government constitutes far, far less than 1% of the budget. (Closer to 0.015% actually.)

In politics, sometimes little things have large consequences. I think that, in attacking Big Bird, the Mittster may have taken on more than he can handle.

Photo Credit: The above image was copied from an About.Com website on political humor.


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