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Is That How He Prefers Them?

A New Romney Meme Is Born

From Debate #2 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The circumstances, according to CNN:

When asked about what he’d do to improve income equality for women, Romney cited his efforts as governor of Massachusetts to include women on a state economic panel, efforts that apparently included poring through “binders full of women” in search of qualified candidates. And with that, a meme was born.

I wonder how the women felt….

One thought on “Is That How He Prefers Them?

  1. I was not impressed but then I an not impressed by much of what he says . Same old same old half truths and scary spin .
    His wonderful energy plan , is a case in point , the methods he is talking about extracting this with are the most destructive in the world they will rip the country to sheds with no way of recovering that land .

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