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The NRA Is a Terrorist Organization

Logo for America’s Newest Terrorist Organization

Logo for America’s Newest Terrorist Organization

I think it’s time to face the fact that—under the guise of allowing pudgy old white men to play with guns—the real intent of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is to facilitate the slaughter of innocents by confirmed lunatics.

The number of slaughtered innocents just went up today when a “shooter” (such a neutral term for such a hideous type of person) killed more than two dozen kids and teachers at a Connecticut school today.

Still, whatever happens, the Republican party will try to bury any negative response because so many of their supporters are pudgy old white men who like to play with guns. It doesn’t matter whether thousands of little boys and girls die under a hail of bullets, that’s just the price we pay for allowing pudgy old white men who like to play with guns to have a disproportionate say in the political process.

Perhaps what we need here is some computer matching: Camouflage clothing + body armor + assault weapons and, in general, multiple guns + young male + psychological problems + lack of education = possible “shooter.” It would take quite a bit of doing to link all that information together, but there does seem to be a pattern.

It’s a tough pattern to break. We look at ourselves as a nation of Marlboro Cowboys, whereas actually we’re a nation of psychopaths.

3 thoughts on “The NRA Is a Terrorist Organization

  1. Jim, I came from an area where NRA membership was not that unusual from hunters and ex-military, but yes, I agree with you. It is just that those people were not dangerous. The easy availability of assault rifles and so on is crazy. In Switzerland, everyone does military training and every citizen has a registered rifle and hand gun at home as part of being the home guard, or at least that’s what one Swiss student told me several years ago. I think that there is a rational place for gun ownership, but possession should be considerably restricted. No question that we have to disarm the mentally disabled and the drug cartels and so on. I would not be surprised if this turned out to be a result of an untreated or poorly managed mental health issue, combined with possession of an assault weapon. We do not have adequate mental health treatment is this country. I am glad I am not in the classroom any more. But never, mind let’s get back to talking about busting the teacher’s unions, the idiotic “fiscal cliff” discussions etc. Sometimes we just have to turn off the TV, and pray.

  2. Lynette, let’s face it, there is no mental health care in America. The streets are full of crazies, the worst of which appear to live in the suburbs hidden among their families. Where I fault the NRA is for enabling them, or anyone, to buy military grade assault weapons. We could solve the gun question a whole lot quicker than the mental health issues, which will only continue to get worse.

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