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The ObliterAd

Corporations Obliterate Your Favorite Websites to Get Their Message Across

Corporations Obliterate Your Favorite Websites to Get Their Message Across

Within the last year or so, there has been a proliferation of what I call ObliterAds, advertisements that shove your website contact down or just cover it with some otiose message which you have to close in order to see your website. I first saw this phenomenon at Salon.Com, and now it’s part of CNN’s news website as well (see above screen capture).

Don’t people in the advertising industry realize that tactics like this irritate Internet users and result in some antagonism. I for one would not buy anything advertised in this way. In fact, I close the ObliterAd as fast as I can so I don’t even get to see the message being promulgated.

Websites, unfortunately, are hungry for ad revenue and don’t seem to mind irritating their loyal visitors. (Please note that this website, tarnmoor.com, has no intention of selling ad space to corporations: They can tattoo their messages on their butts for all I care.)

I may decide to give up on CNN.Com, especially since it seems at any given time that most of the news stories are several days old or send me to videos. (I’d rather just read the story thank you!)


One thought on “The ObliterAd

  1. I don’t like being sent to videos, either. I don’t like noise. I stopped shopping at Albertson’s because of “check out TV.” I want to read the Enquirer in peace. I hate blasting ads when I pump gas. The only place I tolerate noise is in elevators; muzac is OK because I am afraid of elevators. OK, well, nervous in elevators. Maybe the monasteries were on to something, you know? Silence.
    And no elevators.

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