Slowing Down Your Racing Mind

Twisting and Turning at Night?

Twisting and Turning at Night?

Last night I went to sleep quickly enough, but I awoke around 1 am worrying about, of all things, a spreadsheet I was working on to reconcile UBS brokerage statements with the General Ledger based on them. One brokerage account in particular was a mess, with the broker going wild buying and selling bits and pieces of stock and mutual funds to the point of wretched excess.

I have learned, however, that it is not possible to solve problems by worrying about them. Sometimes my mind at night goes racing around and around until I come up with endless permutations, but no solutions. I am not saying that you can’t solve problems in your sleep, but if a solution arises, it always arises suddenly.

So what I do to stop my mind from racing is to get up and watch some television—the only time I ever watch it—until I find something that engages my interest and stops me from thinking about work. It usually takes about thirty minutes before I’m ready to hit the sack again, usually successfully.

Sure enough, I produced the spreadsheet this morning with no particular difficulties. The account was indeed messed up, but now we have something to use to correct it.

Everyone has his or her own solution to this,  but I also find that taking some melatonin half an hour before bedtime also helps keep me deep in the arms of Morpheus.