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Stopping Autoplay Videos in I.E.

You Can Also Stop Autoplay Videos in I.E.

You Can Also Stop Autoplay Videos in I.E.

Here, from the February 2015 issue of PC World, are Lincoln Spector’s instructions for suppressing autoplay videos in Internet Explorer:

  1. From the menus at the top of the window, select: Tools>Manage add-ons.
  2. In the resulting Manage Add-ons dialog box, make sure that Toolbars and Extensions is selected on the left. Wait for the list to appear.
  3. Find and double-click Shockwave Flash Object on the right. (It’s listed under Adobe and will likely be near or at the top.)
  4. In the resulting More Information dialog box, click the Remove all sites button. Then close the dialog boxes.

According to Spector, the Flash windows may not appear at all, or they may appear blank. A bar at the bottom of the window will offer options to allow Flash to play. Click the x on the right to indicate No.

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