Thierry Legault, Astrophotographer

Indonesian Volcanoes

Indonesian Volcanoes – Thierry Legault

It was my friend Bill Korn who told me about him. Now Bill is no mean astrophotographer himself, though he has several counts again him by virtue of living in Southern California, where the sky is often milky white with clouds or smog.

Thierry Legault is perhaps one of the great astrophotographers, as can be seen from visiting his website at where a number of his best photographs are on view. I have also taken the liberty of creating a permanent link to his website from here.

Surface of the Moon -

Surface of the Moon – Thierry Legault

Usually, I end to be fairly lax about seeking permission to reproduce photographs on my website; but I thought I would make an exception in the case of M. Legault because I admire his work so much.

The Milky Way from Australia -

The Milky Way from Australia –  Thierry Legault

Shown here are just three examples from M. Legault’s website.