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Ideo-Bursts and Promisoids

The Whole Medium Is IMHO Suspect

The Whole Medium Is IMHO Suspect

About a year ago, I signed up for Twitter. But then, when I found out I was supposed to “follow” three existing Twitter accounts, I suddenly lost interest, so I never finished my application. About once a week, Twitter e-mails me to finalize my application … but I never will.

Why? A certain Prezidenchul candidate has adopted Twitter as his preferred method of communicating with the world, and I suddenly saw what was wrong with the whole setup. Standing at the microphone (broken or not), Donald Trump thinks in limited bursts of thought that are compatible with the character limit on tweets. He jumps from one tweet-length position to another. This effectively prevents him for discussing such nasty things as details that may substantiate his short ideo-bursts.

On the other hand, these same tweets endear him to his fans, who are not into such mundane things as facts. They are, if anything, practitioners of identity politics: Trump re-connects with his base, and since they identify with him, that connection is all that counts.

When you go into details, you could wind up betraying your base. So, the idea is to just skip around, making short promisoids without pinning himself down on any one of them. Promisoids good, facts bad!

So I think I will never complete my Twitter application process. And here, in considerably more than 140 characters, is why.


5 thoughts on “Ideo-Bursts and Promisoids

  1. I don’t use Twitter much
    but Trumpty Dumpty
    isn’t the reason
    It’s just not all that appealing :)

  2. A number of years ago, I had a twitter account and was quite active. However, I became frustrated by the limits placed on messages and the silly twits that I was getting–who cares whether somebody stopped at such-and-such a burger joint for lunch.

    I then looked around and found that blogs may be closer to what I wanted and signed up. That was eight years ago, and I never regretted either closing my twitter account or opening my blog.

    Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

    Twitter seems perfect for somebody who is unable to put together three or four coherent sentences on one issue.

  3. didn’t know you needed to follow three accounts. I joined in order to read the tweets my former husband reputedly posted but I never learned how to access his account and so likewise I just delete the requests to complete my j oining

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