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On to Quito

Getting Ready to Pack

Getting Ready to Pack

The next couple of days, I will be busy cleaning up after tax season at work, and packing for my Ecuador vacation at home. Consequently, this is my last posting until my return in November. I do not anticipate making any postings while I am there.

Quito is two hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time—essentially the same as Central Daylight Time (UTC -5 hours). That means there will be no jet lag. There will, however, be some danger of altitude sickness, as Quito is approximately 9,000 feet (around 3,000 meters) above sea level.

So, vaya con dios, amigos!

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  1. Interesting that the Spanish word for God appears to be plural. I noticed that in high school, but thought only ‘they can do it any way they want to.’ Now I think more along the lines that it was an unspoken rebellion. If not many gods, then one god with many aspects. So, may we all, but more focused, you and your brother, go with the gods. I’ll miss your postings. :)

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