“Epitaph for a Lover”

Another Great Argentinean Writer for Your Consideration

Silvina Ocampo

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, Silvina Ocampo (1903-1993) was a renowned Argentine poet and short story writer. She was married to Adolfo Bioy Casares and was the sister of publisher Victoria Ocampo. Here, for your consideration, is one of her poems, entitled “Epitaph for a Lover”:

I will pursue that world promised
by your ecstatic glance. In successive
lives, in countrysides or cities,
when the styles are different,
when entire breeds of animals and flowers
are being exterminated,
my constancy will find you: juniper
bushes likewise live waiting for the sun.

The translation is by Jason Weiss in his New York Review Books edition of Ocampo’s poetry.