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Out of This World

At the Roswell UFO Museum

One of the highlights of our recent New Mexico trip was a visit to the Roswell UFO Museum, where Martine and I cavorted with certain other out-of-state visitors. We had been there briefly in 2003, but we had to be in Albuquerque before nightfall, and it was several hundred miles of hard driving. This time, we spent more time and were royally entertained.

Whether or not UFOs landed in Roswell on a July night seventy years ago almost doesn’t matter. There are so many millions and billions and trillions of stars that there must be life of some sort out there. Whether we will ever see it is a matter of conjecture. Martine believes it really happened and that the military put a lid on it. But then, she was a civilian military employee in New Jersey and California for some eighteen years and would not put such behavior past them.

Martine Carefully Reading the Displays

There is plenty to read in the numerous displays about the Roswell incident—enough to fill a 500-page thickly packed volume. Much of the information is from the next door neighbor of the guy who witnessed it, or his nephew seven times removed. It doesn’t altogether invalidate the information, but it does make my antennae twitch a bit.

I myself have never seen any UFOs or constructed any sculpture out of mashed potatoes. Still, I can take a tolerant view of all this—if for no other reason that it is enjoyable. I regularly read science fiction (I am now reading Harry Harrison’s Deathworld 3), and am an aficionado of sci-fi movies. I’m even a bit of a Trekkie, though I prefer the original series and its sequel with Jean-Luc Picard. Let me loose in a place like the UFO Museum, and I will have a good time, irrespective of any assaults on my credibility.

Will Trumpf’s Wall Keep These Aliens Out? I Fear Not

If you find yourself in the wilds of Southeastern New Mexico, you could do worse than visit Roswell. And you can justify it by attaching to it a visit to nearby Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

3 thoughts on “Out of This World

  1. I once did see a ufo. age 15. my friend rene and i used to go walking out of the confines of the school to smoke cigarettes in the desert wash. one day we saw an object in the sky didn’t make any sense to us. it was shaped rather like a school-girl jack, only with just four corners, equal in size. it h overed there in the sky then took off fast and away. made no sound but it spooked us and we ran back to the school buildings. a few years ago isaw onlinne I guess a weather balloon looked much like what we saw, but the speed with which the object we saw vanished when there was no wind doesn’t make sense that it was that.

  2. just finished rereading the Deathworld trilogy a couple of weeks ago; it wasn’t quite as good as i recall it was sixty years ago, but it was okay…
    moisture layers in the atmosphere can do astonishing things…
    hard to credit any alien civ exceeding the speed of light…. the light from the stars is old…

  3. I was in that part of the country on a trip back to Tucson and decided I had enough time to visit either the UFO Museum or Carlsbad Caverns. I elected to go to Carlsbad. Perhaps one day I might have enough time to do both.

    I too prefer the Original Star Trek series. I had read the Deathworld trilogy many years ago and have forgotten most of it except for the description of the jungle where everything eats everybody else.

    My favorites among living writers are Gene Wolfe, Greg Benford, Kim Stanley Robinson, and a few others whose names escape me.

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