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Political Correctness Has Gone Way Too Far

I have just read a library book in which the entire text was edited for political correctness by some ignorant vandal. The book was Rosario Santos’s The Fat Man from La Paz: Contemporary Fiction from Bolivia. If you’ve read yesterday’s post, you know that I am interested in visiting Bolivia, which is one of two Andean countries I have not seen (the other is Colombia).

The copy I checked out from L.A.’s Central Library is full of ballpoint editings enforcing a rigid code of PC relating to feminism, religion, sexual preference, and aboriginal peoples. The stories ranged from interesting to outstanding, but I was constantly being outraged by the marginal comments.

Below is a table showing some typical examples:

PageOriginal TextPC Corrections and [Notes]
68a prayer of health to the Virgina prayer of health to Mary
104Since Rosemary had her baby[Birth Control!]
134saints with expressions of satisfaction“saints” with expressions of satisfaction
141they went around poisoning the lives of others[Sexist]
143why her grandmother hated menwhy her grandmother hated marriage
235a mestizo born of an Indian womana mestizo born of a native woman
236the spire of the Mother Church[Patriarchal]
239the Indians shifted restlesslythe people shifted restlessly
246his worn out little love of his dreamshis worn out love of his dreams
250making holes for their women to toss in seedsmaking holes for the women to toss in seeds
254the Indians maintained their balancethe workers maintained their balance

I have decided that the only punishment worthy of this vandalism is to locate the individual responsible, strip him or her naked, and tattoo them all around their body with the most politically incorrect terminology possible. Anyone want to join me?

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  1. a reader with problems, for sure… a need for deep psychoanalysis indicated, possibly…

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