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CGI: Hollywood

just When I wrote about seeing the new version of Dune yesterday, I refrained about commenting how dismayed I was by all the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) that haunted all the action scenes. During the CGI scenes, the action becomes more vague; and the sound is pumped up to fill in the gaps. The 1984 version had some primitive CGI, but the action scenes were more honest: There was real action, and not fuzzy animation.

My dislike of CGI is one reason I avoid superhero films, in which CGI is more dominant. I prefer when the actors are humans that move like humans.

It seems that the CGI specialists are in the ascendant in Hollywood at the moment. That won’t bother all the middle school fans who love that sort of thing, but it keeps me from films that appeal to that mind(less)set.

In the end, I wonder if the computer has—overall—had a baneful effect on the film industry.