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Will Smith Wacks Chris Rock at the Oscars

I’m not going to get involved in the Will Smith/Chris Rock imbroglio at the Oscars, except to say that there is a time and place for everything. Perhaps the Academy should send Will Smith to Moscow to slap the Bejeezus out of Vladimir Putin for his savage war against the people of Ukraine.

Drag Queen RuPaul

Perhaps it would be even better to send RuPaul to slap Putin, given Putin’s aversion to any sort of gender bending.

Anyhow, somebody’s got to get to that man before he makes the world unlivable.

3 thoughts on “Slap-Happy

  1. A professional and celebrated actor, a master of pretence, a highly accomplished maintainer of self-control in front of an audience suddenly loses that control and openly demonstrates love, devotion and support for his wife…… Impressive and touching. The fact that he had the opportunity to make such a loving demonstration in front something over 10 million witnesses should not induce cynicism, should it?

    • Actually, Will Smith initially laughed at Chris Rock’s joke. Then, when his wife gave him the stink-eye for his response, he went up and struck Rock. That puts a slightly different face on things.

  2. Yes, my point precisely. Could we postulate that all may not have been well in the Smith family? Mr Smith not being supportive enough? How can he make it up to her??? Then suddenly an opportunity presents itself out of the blue ….

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