Election Onslaught

As we raggedly slouch toward election day, my mailbox is filled to overflowing with negative political advertising. Indeed, there is so much of it that the local post office has 100% more mail to deliver—most of it being junk. Since November is here, the really nasty stuff is coming out: lies, accusations, exaggerations, empty promises, and enough bile to choke a wharf rat.

No wonder that Americans dread election time. So much money is being spent to influence voters, and for longer periods of time, that when we finally do submit our ballots, it is with a taste of ashes in our gorge.

I left my ballot in a drop box last week, and I received an email indicating that it was received and submitted. Martine chooses to vote in person on election day. I do not, as I abhor all forms of political posturing. I do believe if I saw someone wearing a MAGA hat on election day, I would sweep it off his/her/its head. So it’s probably not a good idea for me to vote in person, ever!

Would I ever run for office? Not in this country at this time. I fear I would succumb to the nastiness and become warped.