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It’s a clear case of overreach. Having proven himself to be a genius in many fields, Elon Musk managed to endanger his reputation by inserting himself into a field in which he does not appear to have any knowledge or ability. The South African billionaire spent $44 billion buying Twitter, whereupon he set about to trash his investment and (perhaps) his reputation by his indecisiveness.

I am not myself a user of Twitter, which I see primarily as a tool for trolls. While it is tempting to lash out in a few pungent words with things which shouldn’t have been ought to have been said, my preference is for a more prolix medium. This has the advantage of sidestepping hateful Tweets that say more about the Tweeter than the Tweetee. I guess you might say I see myself as more of a Woofer than a Tweeter.

Musk may possibly undo some of the harm he has done to Twitter, but it will take time. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes—billionaire or not.

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  1. I completely agree with you. Here is what Nicholas Carr, author of once wrote about Twitter and narcissism: “We’re not adults having conversations, or even people sending messages. We’re tweeters twittering tweets. We’re twitters tweetering twits. We’re twits tweeting twitters. We’re Tweety Birds.”

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