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Nothing But Short-Term Solutions

Eric Cantor and John Boehner

Eric Cantor and John Boehner

It now looks as if the House GOP leadership will allow the debt ceiling to be raised—but only temporarily. In the meantime, they will hope that the Democrats will undergo some type of old-religion conversion, allowing them to see the light and cut back on spending. And the spending they want to cut back on are for the most part social programs that benefit people.

Is there any plan to cut back on military spending? Well, no! Between guns and butter, it’s butter that’s going to have to go. In the meantime, we will be facing the same discussion in a few months’ time, with hundreds of hours of the legislators’ time being wasted because no Republican is interested in yielding a millimeter on their [anti-]social agenda.

I have a suggestion. Perhaps this is the right time to cut down on our spending on Congress. Cut their stipend by 80%, rent out the Capitol Building for weddings and funerals, and make Congress meet in a hangar at Dulles Airport—a hangar that is neither heated nor air-conditioned. My prediction is that Congress would move faster, and there would even be a modicum of cooperation, especially inasmuch as the Democrats would be in the same boat.


5 thoughts on “Nothing But Short-Term Solutions

  1. When I first heard about this I would have completely agreed with you. But then I saw that the GOP included a provision where Congress doesn’t get paid if they can’t pass a budget. That little bit changed it for me and I can support the idea now. Though if they pull the same crap they did with sequestration and just rewrite the rules then the punishment is to take effect then I will be pissed and never buy this idea again.

  2. Congress does not get paid ? And how many of them our living from pay check to pay check , I am guessing this lack of pay does not include the perks that go with the job such as paying their staff , eating in their dining room , feeding their fish etc
    I like the hanger idea too , but the Catholics had a better idea when they could not decide on a pope . Seal all the exits from the building and nobody leaves until you come to your senses and get to work . I would suggest letting Mac Donald’s have the job of feeding them but that seems rather cruel of course a steady diet of nothing but Big Mac’s could very well speed up the process.

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