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The Joys of Friendship

Mona and Wilder

Mona and Wilder

This evening, I got together with old friend Mona, with whom I used to work more than ten years ago. At the time, her little son Wilder was still an infant. No more, it seems. (It must be those Wheaties.)

Although my friends and I are all growing older, it is good to see their children thriving.

Because I lack a pituitary gland, I could never have children of my own. (And no, I was never very positive in my replies to people who said I could “just adopt,” as if all I had to do was put in a deposit at the neighborhood baby store.) So I take particular pleasure in seeing the children of my friends.

Martine was unable to join us, because her back was hurting her; so she was lying flat on her back wearing a brace when I returned from the Marina after seeing Mona.


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  1. Jim, I gave birth to my daughters, but I still feel like I got them “at the neighborhood baby store.”
    All of us come, I think, from that same store. In fact, I have a friend, also a mother, who says the doctor keeps a “baby box” just for that purpose, for handing out the babies.
    Nice photo!

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