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I Don’t Know What the Tiger Represents, but of the Piglets There Is Little Doubt

I Don’t Know What the Tiger Represents, but of the Piglets There Is Little Doubt

Every once in a while, some rabid right-wing nut job tries to take me on in these postings, but I never let them get very far. This is not a debating society; and all these goons have to offer are “talking points,” usually from some out-there conservative ideologue such as Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly. Typically, these talking points eventually all fall apart because they ultimately rely on some premise which I cannot accept.

For instance, anything that relies on the authority of the Bible or the Constitution is not automatically guaranteed acceptance from me. After all, I think the Second Amendment is a piece of excrement that appears to justify the NRA and other recidivist organizations, now that King George III is safely dead. And according to Article I, Section 2, isn’t our President three-fifths of a human being? (I think he’s twenty-fifths of a conservative Republican.) I know the wording has subsequently been amended, but the House of Representative’s record of racism makes me think they had crossed their fingers behind their backs. Besides, the bewigged Fathers of Our Country were men, not demigods, and as such made many mistakes and evasions that subsequently led to Civil War and hundreds of thousands of casualties a few decades later.

And don’t get me started on the Bible! Although I am by no means an atheist, I think most Bible-toting Evangelicals are little better than the Khmer Rouge, the Taliban, or Peru’s Sendero Luminoso (“Shining Path”) guerrillas. Quote some out-of-context verses at me, Sonny, and I’ll gladly demonstrate to you how you’re probably in violation of the strict dictates of the Books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. I respect heartfelt beliefs, but note that I may be immune to them.

So if you read what I have to say and thing you can turn me around based on some Oxycontin-inspired argument that Rush Limbaugh pooted out of his butt cheeks, don’t expect me to provide you with a forum.

I suppose I admire how you clowns can hang together, which is convenient for the voters who will kick your Tea Party behinds out of office come next year.