Fair and Balanced? Hah!

No, This Is Not About Faux News

No, This Is Not About Faux News

The so-called liberally-biased media have created a monster. About ten or more years ago, it was thought by the news media that letting alternate points of view have their own voice would prevent accusations of bias. The right-wing jumped on that. They still accused the media of bias, but their representation in news story jumped to such an extent that the increasingly dim American public assumed their opinions were equally meritorious.

If you give the village idiot a soap box, you will find that crowds will gather; and people will sagely nod their heads as if they were receiving words of wisdom.

My opinion is probably a little more undemocratic. Instead of giving the Tea Party adherents a voice, I would have them pistol-whipped. What one former Republican consultant has called “a neo-Confederate insurgency” has now become, in effect, a coup d’état. That’s why some of my recent posts have sounded a little draconian. I don’t think that sitting down and negotiating with John Boehner is going to accomplish anything other than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Perhaps if we arrested Boehner, Cantor, and some of their confederates and then proceeded to play hard ball with them, we might get through this.

I am not willing at this point to concede any points to the Tea Party and their Congressional stooges. Hit them hard and fast. Otherwise, welcome to the Confederate States of America II.