On Pretending to Be What You Aren’t

NFL Jerseys

NFL Jerseys

Most of the spammers who are trying to break into the comments section of my postings are in the business of trying to sell NFL jerseys to guys built like me and Louis Vuitton handbags to women who have better things to do with their money. (One huckster is trying to sell people who need dialysis on a alternative non-invasive therapy, which I think could be even more sinister.)

For every legitimate comment to my posts, there are twelve spammers trying to push real or fake fashions to people, who, if they are anything like me, would not likely have anything to do with them. I take the time and spend several minutes each day vacuuming up the spam and dumping the ashes out in the ether. iI had never encountered anything like this on Yahoo360, Blog.Com, or Multiply.Com. Oh, there were always a few right-wingers who wanted to debate me—but I can hardly debate anyone for whom I feel nothing but contempt.

This Is All You Can Afford for Othing Clothing If You Buy a Louis Vuitton Handbag

This Is All You Can Afford for Clothing If You Buy a Louis Vuitton Handbag

As for the spammers, I don’t feel contempt for them so much as wonderment that they would make such an effort to sell their wares by making comments to photographs and illustrations belonging to old blog posts. Well, I guess it’s a living of sorts—but I can’t see how.