Looking for the Way Down

This video doesn’t exist

“Well, How the Hell Did They Get Through Here, Then? … They Couldn’t Have!”

Apparently, my Canon PowerShot A1400 camera can shoot videos—especially when I don’t recall ever hitting the Record button. Here, you can see Martine and my attempt to get down to the remnants of the Butterfield Stage Route as it cut through Earthquake Valley in Anza Borrego. We were walking along the edge of Highway S-2 looking for a trail that would lead us down to the bottom of the canyon. Unfortunately, there did not look to be any easy way, considering that we didn’t have our hiking staffs with us, and that Martine was not wearing hiking shoes.

Eventually, we got down there by a commodious vicus of recirculation, but by then I had discovered that my camera was shooting video.

Anza Borrego is a do-it-yourself type of hiking locale. Trails are not as well marked as in the national Parks, and sometimes they are not marked at all. You just turn off the road and look for what might be a trail. Sometimes you find one. Sometimes you don’t. No matter: The whole place is magical.