Breaking News—Floating Debris in Ocean!

... And Still They Go On and On and On

… And Still They Go On and On and On

The death of all those passengers and crew on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is a legitimate disaster. And trust me, they are all dead. No one’s going to call the news services that they landed safe and sound in Timbuktu, Kathmandu,  or the Rings of Saturn. Something happened, and we won’t know what for some time to come. In the meantime, we are bombarded by the media noise machine which is using the event to sell us soap. By the time we find out what happened, there’ll be a different news orgy: Perhaps another Kaylee, or another Scott Peterson, or another Michael Jackson. It almost doesn’t matter. To re-use the name of a bygone, late-lamented series, TV News is the ultimate Short Attention Span Theater.

You may want to resolve not to watch the news on TV. After all where does it get you? Well, for one thing, floating in the Indian Ocean 1,500 miles southwest of Australia.