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Politics Is the Same All Over

Election Poster in Miraflores

Election Poster in Miraflores

When I arrived in Lima, I was surprised to see election posters everywhere. In the Andes, it was even worse: whole sides of houses were whitewashed and covered with election propaganda. From main highways and trains, it looked like the whole countryside was covered with “Vote for” signs. I wonder if, when the election is over, someone comes and paints over the signs; but, somehow, I don’t think so.

The two Luchos above look like they could be running for my Congressional District. And, like all politicians, they are trying to look so pleasant that you just know that they’re holding poniards behind their backs and they have closets full of skeletons.

Interestingly, in Spanish the word lucho means “I fight” or “I struggle.” Very appropriate, don’t you think?

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