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It’s Not Just About Fundraising

It’s a Backbone! That’s What It Is!

It’s a Backbone! That’s What It Is!

This evening I hung up on a robocall from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, U.S. Democratic Representative from Florida—presumably in a failed attempt to get me to donate to the Democrats’ circular firing squad. I hang up on her a lot these days.

Before I ever give them a penny again, I have to be convinced the Democrats are something more than a perpetual fundraising machine gone out of control. If they want money, Democrats have to stand for something other than merely not being Republicans. I know that the Tea Party and their Republican fellow travelers are obnoxious in the extreme. But, really, what do the Democrats stand for other than being elected or re-elected?

I want to support politicians that will fight for me—not merely to accumulate funds so that they can buy up scads of TV ad time for next year’s elections, and robocall and e-mail me a few thousand times more in the months to come.

If the Democrats somehow find their backbone, I’ll be glad to give them my support. But the stumblebums of 2014? They can go to hell.



6 thoughts on “It’s Not Just About Fundraising

  1. Jim, I totally agree. I’m tired of e-mails and calls begging for money I don’t have in order, apparently, to use Republican tactics to see that Republican’s don’t get elected. I’m tired of listening to people who seem to have nothing better to say than “Vote for us! We are NOT Republicans!” So? What are they and what have they done about it?

  2. As Nora Ephron famously said, the only reason to vote Democratic in national elections, is because of the Supreme Court appointments. She also said, that the Democratic Party is always disappointing. And that was before is was REALLY disappointing. Sigh.

  3. And what do the Republicans stand for? Basically to undo everything that the spineless Democrats have done or tried to do but were blocked by your apparently courageous Republicans– Social security. Assisted health for the poor (worthless types like me who couldn’t get health care and couldn’t afford it back then, so I went for 20 years without health care until I retired). Voting rights for all, not just the privileged whites. Immigration reform. From what they say, I gather the Republicans want to restore the original Constitution which allows slavery and put women back to being subservient to males.

    Am I being extreme–much less so than your labeling the Dems as spineless.

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