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A Matched Set

Yechhhh! I Did It Again!

Yechhhh! I Did It Again!

I went halfway around the world in 2006 to break my right shoulder by slipping on the ice in Ushuaia in Argentina’s Tierra Del Fuego. Last night, I did it again—this time to my left shoulder—right across the street from where I live in West Los Angeles. Last week, the city had scraped off the surface asphalt from the street in order to lay down a fresh layer, eventually. Unfortunately, the street surface was wildly uneven, and it was dark. While returning from a Persian restaurant across the street with my friends Bob and Suzanne, I stepped off the curb all right but missed the second step-down. My body twisted and I fell down hard on the street.

Fortunately, my head did not make contact either with the street or a nearby parked car, but my left knee and right hand got bruised. Suzanne, who is a nurse, immediately suggested I go to emergency; and they kindly drove me to the ER at Santa Monica UCLA Hospital.

Tomorrow morning, I will have to make an appointment with an orthopedist. Although my left shoulder is disrupted in several different directions and I may require surgery, the pain level is tolerable. I won’t be able to drive for a few weeks. Actually, my bruised knee bothers me more than the shoulder; and I’ll have to have that looked at as well. (In the ER, as Suzanne explained it, my shoulder trauma prevented my knee pain from throbbing .)

So it goes.


7 thoughts on “A Matched Set

  1. Oh, Jim! And right at tax time so you don’t have time to really rest and relax. I always figure if you’re going to be injured, you might as well get to baby yourself.

  2. So sorry this happened Jim. While we had an enjoyable discussion in the hallway of the ER it would’ve been better back at your place. Keep us posted and let me know if there is any thing I can do for you.

  3. very good description ( yechhhh! ) sorry to hear it . you are aware that the ozone hole is getting bigger , which makes the ground much harder making it much harder, to gracefully attack the ground. i used to be able to bounce .

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