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Downbeat on Tweet

Do I Really Care?


Several months ago, I started signing up for Twitter. When I was asked to name three Twitter accounts I was interested in following, I couldn’t think of a single one. I just wasn’t that interested in following anyone. And what would I tweet? There was that 140-character limitation that encouraged users to murder the English language. And when Twitter and tweets were in the news, they were usually from political or entertainment figures like Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian—on whom I do not care to waste my time.

What is more, that whole hashtag convention struck me as forcing one’s thoughts into other people’s channels. Nope, not for me.

3 thoughts on “Downbeat on Tweet

  1. Years ago I had a Twitter account. I lost interest in it after a few weeks. Also I was frustrated by the character limitation, so I decided to check out the possibility of setting up a blog. I closed my twitter account.

    So, thanks to twitter, I have a blog.

  2. Yes, trying out a twitter account certainly made a change in my life. I also tried FaceBook, but dropped that in a month or two. Getting a blog handled whatever itch I had.

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