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The Dragon and the Monkey



Today, for the first time in two or three years, Martine and I attended the Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown to celebrate the new Year of the Monkey. It turns out that I was born in the Year of the Monkey, but according to Chinese astrology, this may not be a lucky year for me. Fortunately, I do not believe in any kind of astrology.

Martine, on the other hand, was born in the Year of the Dragon, which means that we are complementary. But I am convinced that we are complementary for other reasons than those picked by astrologers.


Monkey on Cathay Bank Float

To avoid various construction and marathon race snarls, we took the bus downtown and went to our usual Chinatown restaurant, the Sala Thai on Alpine Street. I had a spicy fish filet with basil and peppers, and Martine had her usual pad see ew with chicken and broccoli.

Even though the parade was fraught with symbolism which we didn’t altogether understand, we had a great time.


2 thoughts on “The Dragon and the Monkey

  1. yes. you don;t believe in any kind of astrology beacuse you don;t understand it. this could be remedied with your fine mind, but if you have no interest, & it’s that which prevents you. nothing else, you won’t bother

  2. I’m afraid that most astrological systems are a kind of religion that requires — above all — faith. I would need to have this faith up front before I become motivated to study it. And I just don’t.

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