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… And the Envelope Please …



This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I have ignored the Oscars for the last thirty or forty years. For one thing, they have rarely honored the films I liked, and they primarily reflect the opinions of a lot of privileged old white men. Just as significant: I rarely see new films.

Los Angeles is something of a company town, so the media is full of “countdowns” to the Oscars. Do they really need a pre-game show?

Fortunately, a lot of people watch this and other awards shows. As with the Super Bowl, that clears the freeways of a lot of excess traffic. I plan to take advantage by going with Martine to visit my friends Bill and Kathy Korn in Altadena.

No offense to Chris Rock, who will probably be a lot more entertaining than the films being honored.

One thought on “… And the Envelope Please …

  1. The set was quite nice for this Oscar rally. Chris Rock was funny, as usual, though some of his jokes went on a bit too long. The movies, however, were not all that exciting. I watch the Oscars to see if I missed anything that I “should” have seen in theaters.
    Nope. I get one Netflix DVD per month, and I will still have trouble finding new releases that I want to see.

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