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Tax Day—Whew!

It’s Finally Over

I’ve worked twenty-five consecutive tax seasons, and each one seems more grueling than the one before it. This year, because the deadline was April 18, we had three extra days to suffer. Last year, we also had February 29 because it was leap year. And Martine Luther King’s birthday? And President’s Day? Nope, we worked those days, as well as most Saturdays and some Sundays.

Although I had been working part time since May 2016, I worked full time from the beginning of March to today, primarily because our tax manager, Don Yamagishi, died on February 28. I do not have one-tenth of Don’s tax smarts, but I know a lot about the tax software and how to use it effectively. So I slaved with the rest of them because I did not want all the burden going on their shoulders.

Tomorrow, I’m going downtown to visit the Central Library and the Last Bookstore at 5th & Spring. It’ll be nice to relax a bit.


2 thoughts on “Tax Day—Whew!

  1. second!! it seems to get more complicated every year; i’m at the age where i just do my best and it takes several more communications with IRS to get everything straightened out…

  2. Hats off to you, Jim, for stepping in big time! I only weathered twelve tax seasons but can say that it took me longer to recover each year.

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