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Return #4

Martine at 2017 Scottish Festival

I am not used to being on an emotional roller coaster … but perhaps I’d better get used to it. As I was drinking a cup of hot green tea to soothe my laryngitis, I got a collect call from Martine to pick her up at the Greyhound Bus Station.

Within minutes, I was on the road; and Martine was there waiting for me. This was another escape attempt that didn’t quite pan out. It was to some unspecified location in the high desert. That was odd because my little girl hates the desert, ever since she spent two years at Twentynine Palms working at the Naval Hospital at the military base there. But, as usual, she didn’t want to talk about it. I think she is afraid that I’ll track her down and collaborate with police and social workers to have her returned to me. Actually, I wouldn’t do that, as it would erode her trust in me.

I suspect that she things that’s what I did during her Escape #2 to Truckee, California. Actually, it was the authorities in Truckee who contacted me and asked me to send them a Greyhound ticket via e-mail. They were the ones who took the initiative.

Will there be another attempt to leave L.A.? I suspect there will, even though she told me tonight that God apparently is putting up roadblocks in her attempts to get away from L.A.



6 thoughts on “Return #4

  1. You a good person, Jim, and you show true love for Martine. My mother suffered from a mental illness and often “ran away from home.” She would tell the authorities that my brother and I were attempting to steal all her money. (Her money had been in a trust account for years by that time.) She was charming, well dressed, and articulate and could be quite convincing. After she returned home, or was returned home by remarkably helpful police officers or social workers, or we tracked her down, she would be fine until the next incident.
    Martine does not seem to be in quite her right mind, but she always returns to you. She knows you love her.
    She is lucky to have you in her life. I often shuddered when I saw homeless old ladies, wondering what would happen to my mother if she didn’t have us. We take care of those we love. Please take good care of yourself as well.

  2. So glad Martine returned. I wondered how she could survive on her own. Yesterday a 60 year old woman I have known for many years was found dead by the McKenzie River, which runs below my property. She suffered from mental illness for a long time. She often came to a little group I attend, and everyone was very compassionate to her. But the illness finally claimed her life. I wish there were answers for people who struggle with this……. Very glad Martine has you. Many prayers for you…

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