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In the Blast Furnace

I Am Dreading the Next Few Days

As a giant high pressure area is setting up over the Southwest, we are expecting two days of high nineties (36-37º Celsius). Although the weather forecasts show a ten degree drop for Sunday, I am predicting the heat will probably persist, as it is wont to do. Santa Ana weather conditions almost always last longer than predicted, sometimes even for weeks.

Oh, but then there’s always the ocean, no? Not in this case. The winds blow the heat and smog westward toward the ocean. Sometimes we can see the smog hovering a few miles off the shore, waiting to be blown back over Southern California. Not only is it ungodly hot at the beach, but one’s feet burn in the superheated sand. Not a pleasant experience?

What to do? I will try to find a movie I can see during the afternoon. My comfort will depend on the theater’s air-conditioning system remaining in good working order. As for our apartment, we have no air conditioning. If there is a power outage (and our little area is subject to at least one or two a year), I will just have to go to bed early.

There are two bad aspects to living in Southern California: heat waves and earthquakes.

2 thoughts on “In the Blast Furnace

  1. we bought an air conditioner on wheels that plugs into the wall. you put it near a window and open the widow a crack and point the exhaust out the crack; you have to plug up the space above the exhaust port with cardboard and masking tape, but that’s easy to do… ours works quit well… it was around $300 when we got ours; probably more now, but you might check it out… just a thought…

  2. I had some cheap silicone “beach shoes” that were great for walking on the hot sand and shelly beaches, also good to go in the water. I sympathise over your heat waves, we don’t get many here (NZ) but earthquakes are a-plenty! Good luck.

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