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A New Kind of Spam

A New Kind of Spam That Caught Me Off Guard

In the last three months since I started posting at WordPress, I’ve discovered a new kind of Spam. At least WordPress labels it as Spam, and I go along with it. For every two legitimate comments I get, there are three generally favorable but wildly nonspecific comments that seem to be associated with commercial ventures on the Internet. My  guess is that it’s a plot to get a more favorable ranking for their own websites with Google.

Some few are “helpful,” such as those offering to help me get more visitors to my own little website here at Tarnmoor.Com. Curiously, my anti-malware program usually blocks their websites, so I can only assume they are helpful only in the sense that a pickpocket will attempt to lull you into a false sense of security.

So if you have some general comment of praise without mentioning any specifics to show that you’ve actually read what I’ve written, your comment may well be deleted by me as possible Spam.

It’s such a complicated world in which I have to be so ruthless with so many (over 160 to date) favorable comments completely out of the blue.

You see, I don’t really want thousands of visitors a day to my website. I have nothing to sell. I do, however, have some sort of compulsion to express myself. That’s why I posted for over a year on Blog.Com, a Portuguese blog host whose total membership could probably fit into a telephone booth. (You remember those, don’t you?)


6 thoughts on “A New Kind of Spam

  1. pesky!! telephone booths lamented, I nearly never phone at all, but when needed……….then I never travel far from here anylonger either

  2. Surely you must have something to sell . Do you have an attic ? I know some one who tried to auction a sink full of dirty dishes and a broken pencil on ebay ,

  3. I have books to sell (via Half.Com), but I am not only the least salesmanlike person in the world, but it is one of my jobs at work to get rid of salesmen as fast as possible.

  4. I’m getting the same ones.

    They’ve been appearing for some time now. The “comments,” though “favorable,” never have any specific information about the post they supposedly refer to. They could fit any post written at any time or anywhere or about any subject. I don’t click on the link to the blog as I don’t want to encourage them, but I have run the cursor over the link, and the url frequently appears to be a youtube post.

    I don’t know who or what they are or want, but I don’t think they have my best interests at heart. That the barrage has continued this long without any response from me is proof enough that it’s a spammer.

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