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I Go on the Gulag Diet

Thanks, But No Thanks!

Thanks, But No Thanks!

Today, the doctor threw the book at me. My pancreas has become less able to process carbohydrates. The result: I will have to take even more insulin—two different types, even! And more seriously, I must root out and avoid carbohydrates to the maximum extent possible. I’ll be the person you see with a sour expression on his face discontentedly picking at a salad, moving the lettuce from side to side until I can stomach raising the fork to my mouth.

Effective today, I must reject all offers of food from friends. I may reach into my pocket and eat two or three peanuts when nobody’s looking my way.

What can I eat on the new Gulag Diet? Boots and belts are generally okay, but I must avoid all the carbs that lurk in the bootlaces and stitching.

Eventually, I will make some accommodation to what my doctor assures me is a dire need; but in the meantime, don’t expect me to jump for joy.



6 thoughts on “I Go on the Gulag Diet

  1. Haven’t solved
    the carbohydrate conundrum myself
    but for weight loss
    and possibly getting off insulin
    Jessica and I both benefited
    from the Ideal Protein diet
    It was however
    Live long
    and prosper

  2. I’ve been using this cookbook: Dr. Hyman’s The Blood Sugar Solution. I still have to eliminate carbs and try to lose weight. However, it has some good recipes along with the hype. It is possible to enjoy your food, especially good soups and salads. I make a vegetable soup that is very enjoyable and flavorful, of my own invention, a sort of Mexican style cabbage soup. So don’t give up on enjoying what you eat. Hang in there!

  3. Jim The 24 day challenge from Advocare helped Lori and I without us feeling hungry or thinking about food. Jen and Hilary both are reps. Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Lynette – I’ll probably make do somehow. But giving up some of my favorite foods is like giving up on life.

    Dan – I’ll call you later about this.

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