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Two Little Girls, One Lamb

Of Course, I Would Tip These Girls for a Photo!

Of Course, I Would Tip These Girls for a Photo!

It started in Arequipa. From there to Puno and Cusco, I would run into pairs of girls in indigenous costume cradling either a baby lamb (most often) or a llama. In Cusco, there was an elderly grandmother with a llama. Each time, I was grateful to tip them 10 or 20 soles for a picture—knowing full well that I was being used. So what! It was an easy way for indigenous women and their daughters to make some easy money, and I didn’t mind. (The only people who minded were the women who were trying to sell their handicrafts to the tourists—but I bought from them, too!)

This bWoman in Chivay Had a Lamb and a Llama

This Woman in Chivay Had a Lamb and a Llama

Finally, here’s the old woman with the llama in Cusco. She was so sweet that she felt uncomfortable talking about money at all. I gave her 20 soles anyhow. She looked like she could use it:

Okay, Sio I’m a Big Chump

Okay, So I’m a Big Chump

I look at it this way: The Spanish Conquistadores ripped off the poor campesinos of Peru, stealing their labor, their lives, and what little they had for themselves. Do I feel ripped off? Not a bit!

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  1. What great photos, Jim! You know how it’s sort of a joke that people and their dogs begin to look alike over the years. I love how in the last two photos, the women and their llamas are looking in the same direction and seem to have the same facial expressions.

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