The Pope and the Politicians

May God Protect You from the Evil Politicians

May God Protect You from the Evil Politicians

The Catholic Church has always had this problem with Papal bureaucrats. Yesterday, Pope Francis lit into them at a Christmas gathering and nailed them on fifteen counts, including the “sickness” of considering themselves immortal, immune, or indispensable as well as “spiritual Alzheimer’s Disease.” These clerical politicians have needed to be taken down a peg—for at least two thousand years or so.

I admire Pope Francis and sincerely hope that he watches lest one of these cassock-wearing baddies slips rat poison into his hot chocolate. They are probably saying to themselves, “Yes, Pope Francis is a saint. And the sooner we send him to heaven, the better!”

During my lifetime, their have been two popes I’ve liked, John XXIII and John Paul II—both of whom have recently been elevated to sainthood. I hope Francis can somehow reform the Vatican bureaucracy while he is still walking among us. I may still have numerous disagreements with the Catholic Church, but spiritual leaders like Francis keep me from severing all connections.

He is a man of the people, whereas his targets are men of power. Kind of like corporation executives.