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On Being Young and Entitled

Barbie Doll Strikes Back

Malicious Barbie Doll Strikes Back

I don’t suppose it’s worth wasting much bandwidth on the subject, but I was disgusted by ESPN Announcer Britt McHenry’s tirade against some poor clerk when she came to pick up her towed car. If you’ve spent the last week in a Siberian yurt, you may have missed this wretched display available on YouTube.

What struck me is that this bottle-blonde popsie felt so superior to some poor overweight woman with bad teeth who was collecting the tow charge from her. She keeps referring to her own college education, but behaves as if she had never finished grade school.

What type of massive intellect does it require to read the news from a telepromper in front of a TV camera? And it’s just sports news at that. This woman probably has an intellect not much higher than a puppy’s, and if she gets paid well, it’s just because she is eye candy and doesn’t stumble too much over the words she has to read.

If she had her just deserts, she would be spending time in a jail cell with a Leona Helmsley or a young Conrad Hilton.

Getting overpaid for looking like Barbie doesn’t give you special privileges.