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Today, You’ll Find Out …

Solve the Mysteries of Aluminium Foil

Solve the Mysteries of Aluminium Foil

Today I’ll be adding to new link to this website: It is the British site called TodayIFoundOut.Com. I have always been a sucker for interesting facts, such as the following items that have appeared on the website this week:

  1. Why aluminium (the way the Brits spell it) foil is shiny on one side and matte on the other
  2. The story of the Library of Congress
  3. Where mosquitoes go during he daytime, and why only female mosquitoes are after your blood
  4. Why you’re not supposed to remove tags from pillows and mattresses
  5. All about legendary pin-up girl Bettie Page
  6. In the days before Internet crowdfunding, how one teen financed his college education by asking people to send him pennies

There’s always a lot of good stuff that will make you the star of any party you choose to attend (except, perhaps, the Republican Party, which is illiterate).