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295 Days

That’s How Many Days There Are From Now to Election Day

That’s How Many Days There Are From Now to Election Day

The nastiness began early last year as a whole host of candidates declared themselves for the 2016 Presidential Election. We, who pride ourselves as a nation that produces first class entertainment, have fallen down on the job. On the contrary, our elections have caused consternation among our allies and emboldened the growing number of peoples who hate us. Is this really the most powerful nation on earth? Or is this some Three Stooges pie fight?

My mailbox is filling up daily for requests for me to donate money to the Democratic Party so that they could:

  1. Buy advertising space on television, which I do not watch
  2. Pay for more frequent robocalls, which I hang up on within seconds

All of a sudden, I am receiving numerous calls from “surveys.” I stay on the line with them only long enough to say, “We do no participate in surveys.” Apparently, I am not the only one, because a recent New Yorker article indicates that the response rate is down to eight percent or less, down from a majority a couple decades ago.

We have grown to hate our politics, our politicians, and in fact ouwhole political process. And, instead of slinking off into a dark corner somewhere, the whole political process continues to gather steam and explore new ways of getting into our faces.

To make matters worse, I shouldn’t be surprised if the 2020 Presidential Election cranks up before the current race is resolved.

Get ready for an ugly year!

11 thoughts on “295 Days

  1. This is the first election in which I do not intend to vote. I have not marked a Presidential candidate in the past, or chosen a write-in candidate, but this time, I intend to retire from voting for the rest of my life. I have had enough. I have a very dear friend, a Democrat, who regards this as an act of near-treason. I have voted in every election since I first qualified. We may still be the strongest nation on earth in terms of military might, but the people and the Republic are suffering. If a friend of the Republic arises, then I may change my mind about voting, but right now, I plan to focus on gardening.

    • Please Please vote , I know it seems stupid and I agree this is one I am not looking forward to at all but not doing it lets these idiots get away with being idiots

  2. enjoy your days , I am in Iowa and we only have 12 days left , hopefully the democratic one will not be that wild . I pity the poor republicans

  3. I think my ardent Democratic friend from the Valley plans to bribe me with jam. She makes very good jam, so I may sell my vote for jam and wild honey. At least, then it will be meaningful. We are negotiating at the moment, on how much pomegranate, grape, honey, etc.

  4. Got to thinking , I have caucused and work polls and one of the things I have noticed is even when I was getting paid to work the actual polling place I was always the youngest person there and most don’t pay at all , there volunteer positions . As in most things the devil is in the details and these things are detailed .Suggestion call your local auditor and see if they need help . Most of the times if your willing to go with what ever party is short people they jump at it . Really has nothing to do with who you are going to vote for its the nuts and bolts of the process that get jumbled .
    Last time Obama ran , we were chasing forms and pencils all over the building

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