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Don’t Be Late Or Else …

I Take My Vengeance on Clients Who Bring In Their Tax Info Late

I Take My Vengeance on Clients Who Bring In Their Tax Info Late

This weekend, my ire is being highly concentrated on those clients who bring in their data late. The worst are landlords who own multiple commercial properties and who like to play with the numbers until the last possible minute. It’s a sort of game for them, and a misery for anyone who works in an accounting office.

Well, I took my revenge on one of the worst. I had to enter an occupation code and wound up entering “cattle feedlot operator”—but only because here was no code for people running houses of prostitution.

I hope the Department of Agriculture comes after this clown and asks him, “Where’s the beef?”




4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Late Or Else …

  1. got everything mailed monday. the stuff to the accountant 2 weeks or so I guess. I pay his fee directly, that mailed monday too, so he’s pretty quick for me. I skim his figures, I guess they’re fairly okay, I don’t takeany direct health deductions, medicare fees for the first time this year. charity deductions about average.

  2. Not as bad as the late nellies, but we used to have a couple of early birds that had to return after the fact with another 1099.

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