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A Step Closer to Retirement

A Step Closer to Retirement

Friends have been asking me when I’m planning to retire. A step toward that has been made for me: I am now working two days a week. The choice was not mine, but I realize that my accounting firm will probably not last much more than another year.

Today was my first day off under the new setup. I think Martine will have a harder time dealing with the situation than I will. Instead of hanging around all day, I plan to be on the go doing things, including (perhaps) lining up another part-time gig. I even checked the local Employment Development Department to see if I qualify for some unemployment compensation. (I don’t: I’ll still be making more than $600 a week.)

I have a number of pipe dreams I’m thinking of looking into, such as doing some teaching. My first goal in life was to be a college professor. Although I lack the academic credentials for that, I can possibly be a substitute high school teacher teaching English or even personal accounting.

Of course, Dan and I are still going to Ecuador this fall. This last weekend, we booked flights on Copa Airlines, a Panamanian carrier, from Los Angeles to Quito (via Panama City) and back.