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There’s No Hope Here!

I strongly suspect that, sometime in the next few months, the Trumpf presidency will be terminated. Either he will be impeached or found incompetent or, if they take my suggestion, dropped at high altitude from a helicopter with a leaky container of blood into a part of the ocean full of sharks. There have been bad presidents before, but there never has been a worse one.

The only complication is that Trumpf is adding to the possible charges against him at the rate of three or four a day. What will he have to do to trigger the inevitable? Will he have to rape a nun or slug an autistic child or make Ivanka his new vice president? Will he have to form a pact with North Korea to help them with their nuclear program? I am losing count. This man is not only dangerous: He is very busy f*cking up big time.

4 thoughts on “Rope-a-Dope

  1. It can’t happen too soon, but then what are we going todo with his associate bozos?

  2. Pence actually scares me more. This group truly hates women, and it goes without saying, a lot of others as well. But it’s the thuggish and crude misogyny that really stands out to me. I am sure Trump has borrowed millions from the Russians, and probably money is flowing into banks as I type this….it’s a very corrupt administration, way beyond the normal corruption in politics one rather takes for granted.

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