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Thoughts + Prayers = 0

Crosses Memorializing Victims of Vegas Shooting

Here we are with yet another mass shooting, and more thoughts and prayers—especially from people who do not intend to do anything about it. Sure, set down those Teddy Bears and lit candles and be photographed hugging other people. Let’s take a look at ourselves in the mirror. We are seen as being barbarous because of the things we allow to go on in our country. Selling automatic weapons to lunatics and children! And merely shaking our heads when those weapons are put to deadly use.

Sometimes, I think the thoughts and prayers of the families of shooting victims are not as strong as the thoughts and prayers of people who are members and fellow travelers of the NRA.


One thought on “Thoughts + Prayers = 0

  1. i’m convinced that one of the ploys is to keep people so busy trying too survive that they don’t have time or energy to do anything about it. they system is broken and a revolution will be here, sooner or later, imo…

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