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Don’t Shop for Fakes Here

Spammers Want to Sell You Junk

Spammers Want to Sell You Junk

I have deleted some 4,500 bogus comments which have attempted to use my WordPress website for selling counterfeit goods and dubious services. These range from fake Rolexes, to fake Louis Vuittons, to prom dresses (of course, all the major débutantes follow my posts with bated breath), to fake alternatives to dialysis, to fake NFL and World Soccer Cup jerseys.

All these comments make some bland generic comment about what I write (though even more are attached to the photographs I use), accompanied by links to where you can spend real money for fake goods. Many of these comments originate in Brazil and Eastern Europe.

I am fairly confident that I haven’t let any of these junksters through; though, if by mistake I do, please feel free to not buy the proffered merchandise. Please note that I am not selling anything except, perhaps, for some slightly moldy ideas and notions.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Shop for Fakes Here

  1. I used to get dozens of bland anonymous comments about my posts until I finally activated the requirement for reading those cursed letters and numbers. I hated to do that, but I reached the point where I was considering shutting down rather than face that garbage any more. All ended with a link to websites selling everything from porno to insurance to loans to ??? based on the urls, anyway.

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