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Cruz (Unguided) Missile

Why Do I Suddenly Feel This Is the Weimar Republic?

Why Do I Suddenly Feel This Is the Weimar Republic?

Who is this man and where did he come from? Oh, yeah. Texas. Well, I should have known.

One interesting phenomenon about all these Tea Party darlings, from Michele Bachmann to Sarah Palin to Rand Paul to (now) Ted Cruz, is that they rise up suddenly from the backwoods and hit the news media with a sudden and glittering éclat before they sink into the malodorous miasma of bad reputations.

I suppose there are people who subscribe to the Tea Party principles of “That government governs best which doesn’t exist.” If you’ve read anything I’ve written over the last year or so, you know I don’t hold with that brand of anarchism. The sad thing is that many adherents of those beliefs are dependent on the same government programs that they oppose on quasi-ideological grounds. It wouldn’t be the first time that large masses of people shot themselves in the foot.

In the end, I think that Ted Cruz will be one of the people responsible for the latest demolition of the Republican Party. In the past, the GOP has come back Phoenix-like from its previous devastations—only to blunder into even more destructive ones. What can one do with a party that is paid for by uncaring CEOs for the sole purpose of lightening their own personal tax loads and that of their business enterprises? The Tea Partyers are merely low speed bumps on the road to where the 1% wants to go.


2 thoughts on “Cruz (Unguided) Missile

  1. Those are comforting words–I want those idiots to disappear! They are ruining our country.

  2. One of the groups , ran a poll in the red states purpose being to answer this ( they did not tell the folks , that was the purpose ) scary answers . ]
    They actually do believe the Democrats are out to overthrow the country and turn it into a socialist state , Obama is a non-American national Muslim Marxist ( they carefully did not say black ) and the main purpose of Obanacare is to increase the Democrats voting base .
    The whole group sees the teabags as the only ones willing to fight this evil , so they will choose anyone who says that is what they will do . You could be the village idiot and still get elected

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