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Money to Stop the Shutdown?

How Would Contributing More Money to the Democrats Affect the Shutdown?

How Would Contributing More Money to the Democrats Affect the Shutdown?

My e-mails this morning were full of requests for money by various Democratic organizations to stop the shutdown. How, pray tell, would that happen? Now I would not mind contributing my hard-earned money to have John Boehner hog-tied and dragged through the streets of Washington, or to have Eric Cantor split down the middle by a chainsaw, or Paul Ryan molested by 150 rabid Catholic priests.

But that’s not what the money is going toward. Is it to bring a frown to Boehner’s face? That sad alcoholic wouldn’t even notice the difference.

No, it’s just that the Democrats want more money to eventually throw at television stations. There’s nothing they could do with the money now to avert the shutdown other than staging a mass annihilation of the House of Representatives (not a bad idea at that!), but they wouldn’t have the guts….

In consequence, I will ignore these importunate e-mails while shaking my head at the gullibility of my fellow man. Oh, well, a fool and his money are soon parted.



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  1. some one once asked Abe Lincoln , how he could tell jokes in the middle of the civil war , he told them in brief he was to old to cry in public . same thing goes here . I am cheering for the 150 rabid Catholic priests. . Funny I have not had one email asking for a donation to that

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