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It’s Over!

Finally, I Can Live a Normal Life!

Finally, I Can Live a Normal Life!

For me, April 15 means I can take weekends off, go visit my doctor and dentist, and not have to endure stress caused by selfish rich people who feel they don’t have to give us their tax data until April 14. I filed my own 1040 way back on January 31 and got my refund within two weeks. (Ooh, I just noticed the illustration above shows a 1040 from 2010. That should be good for some nice late interest and penalties!)

Today was particularly rough, as one of our accountants was sick and had to leave early; and the other one did not come in until 1:30 pm. Until his arrival, I was requested to pretend I was an accountant on doing an extension for a California Limited Liability Corporation, about which, of course, I know absolutely nothing. Although I work at an accounting firm, I serve as the office manager and data processing manager.

So at least it is done. I hope this is my last tax season. They don’t get any easier.


4 thoughts on “It’s Over!

  1. no they don’t get any easier. my accountants require I get the paper to them by march 15, & that’s about when the last comes in. I do the work of sending to nys & irs at the po. this year I thought I would faint

  2. I feel your relief even though I’ve been out of the business for a couple of decades. Is retirement on your horizon or just a change? Whichever it is, I hope you get it!

  3. Erin – I prefer to e-file. Cheaper, better, and faster.

    Dagny – I hope to “retire,” meaning I want to go part time somewhere — and get the heck out of preparing taxes.

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