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A Hero I Wouldn’t Wish Upon a Dog

Thye GOP Loves Nevada Ranchers

The GOP Loves Nevada Ranchers

If it weren’t so pathetic, I would laugh at Cliven Bundy and other GOP folk heroes like Joe the Plumber (remember him?). It never seems to take very long before the “Cliven” turns into a “Cloven Hoof,” around the time he opens his mouth in front of the news media.

Let’s face it: Rancher Bundy is a tax cheat and, in the process, a Federal Government nullifier. He makes a big thing about paying his taxes to the county but doesn’t appear to recognize that there are fees for grazing on Federal lands—lands that have been Federally owned since the conclusion of the War with Mexico.

Is it any surprise that the latest GOP folk hero rhapsodizes about the good old days of slavery? He knows his audience, and he will keep braying like an ass until, quite suddenly, everyone will be fed up with him and he will be seen as just another embarrassment to the Government Optional Party.


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  1. You haven’t heard the half of it yet. Check around and see what he has to say about “the Negro”. Teabagger politicians are wetting themselves in an effort to run away from his statements on race while still trying to support his pitiful little rebellion.

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