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Buried Under Paperwork

I Might Be Retired, But the Paper Still Piles Up

I give up. After I spent several hour looking for a piece of paper this morning, I have decided to order a Fujitsu Scanner so that I can keep my documents on the hard drive, the way I did at work. Bureaucracies love burying us under unnecessary documents and forms, such that the important stuff gets lost in their midst.

It is so much easier to scan the important documents and set up a directory structure by organization (Medicare, Health Insurance), year, with special filenames for the really important stuff. It was so easy at work. At home, it is near impossible.

Next: What am I going to do about shredding unwanted documents that have my Social Security Number and credit card numbers on them?


5 thoughts on “Buried Under Paperwork

  1. i have this problem with my books: knowing which one’s i’ve read… i’d like to list them all on something electronic but i’m clueless about how to achieve that…

  2. that might help, although with my limited skills, i might not be able to take advantage of it…

  3. great! tx… but don’t go to too much effort… i might not have the energy to carry it thru, anyway…

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