Bad Times Are Gonna Come

Our Lives Are All Subject to Reverses

Our Lives Are All Subject to Reverses

I remember a story that one film industry friend told me several years ago. A family was so solicitous about the health of their son that they raised him on an organic and vegetarian diet. When he grew up, he wanted to go into the movies as a technician like his Dad. That first day on the job, he ate a McDonald’s hamburger and became deathly ill. He had to be hospitalized for weeks.

You can’t stay entirely out of the way of troubles that are sure to come. One of your loved ones could sicken and die, your health could take a turn for the worse, you could be forced out of your home, your investments could disappear as a result of fraud, your best friend could turn on you, your lover could prove unfaithful to you … the list is endless. How are you going to avoid all of those pitfalls, plus the ones not mentioned? Are you going to be like the vegetarian child for whom the world is toxic?

I would like to think that encountering troubles is a powerful inducement for having greater sympathy for your fellow man. It is not easy when your fellow man cuts you off on the street and leaves you with an upraised middle finger and the exhaust from his BMW; but if your response is nothing but rage, you will only hurt yourself.

Look around you. The world is full of people who need a little help. Even when their gratitude is not what you would hope for, you will feel better about yourself.